Below is a brief description of our Luxury & Hospitality range of Toilets
4 Bay VIP Shower
Unisex: 4 x Wash Hand Basin, 4 x Shower
5 Bay VIP Shower
Unisex: 5 Bay VIP Shower
8 Bay Shower
Unisex: 8 Bay Shower Unit
10 Bay Shower
Unisex: 10 Bay Shower
Disabled Shower


Prestige has built up an excellent reputation for reliability and service based upon our own designed and purpose built units and our friendly and efficient staff.
If required, all units can be maintained and serviced on site to ensure a trouble-free operation througout the entire event.

The Prestige Shower range is available as a 4 Bay, 5 Bay, 8 Bay or 10 Bay Units.

Event Units and Services include:

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